All aboard the movie streaming express!

The technology around us never stands still. Trends and advances in information technology greatly influence our lives as a greater, intangible force. One such example of this is Netflix’s recent deal with Disney. Under terms of the agreement, Netflix has decided that it would become the online distribution platform for Disney’s video releases. Under this new partnership, it is highly likely that flat-rate movie pricing is soon to become obsolete. Older Disney classics, and films from all of Disney’s studios will be available for streaming at around 2016.

This new partnership between Disney and Netflix will act as a harbinger for the new age of television. Although both Disney and Netflix benefit from this partnership, individuals will also do so. Netflix has offered a service to consumers that is cheaper and higher quality than cable TV. This, in turn, will likely result in cable companies coming down in price in order to compete with Netflix’s service. In fact, just the introduction of an information system like this can completely render televisions and cable companies obsolete, with the concept of being able to stream movies online. It is clear that the idea of online streaming will greatly impact on individuals, cable companies and the environment, but the effect remains unpredictable. However, despite social and ethical issues that arise with all information systems, such as switching to computer based systems, the advantages are likely to outweigh the disadvantages.

Not only will this service benefit consumers through a cheaper and higher quality viewing experience, but this acts as almost a stepping stone in the development of information systems and technology. Many of the technology and systems today were something that past civilisations could only dream about. This service meets the emerging need of being more online oriented. The Internet has been something that has completely changed the daily lives of people. It became the main source of information, as well as entertainment, and communication. Recently, more and more things have been modified to their “online” variants, for example bookstores, and now television. We may one day see a world that is completely centered on the Internet.

To conclude, Netflix’s deal with Disney acts as a reminder of how the world of technology never stands still - it adapts to accommodate the emerging needs and aims to provide with a higher standard of living. There will be disadvantages, for example the jobs of people in cable companies being destroyed, and exploits that will question many ethical issues (for example piracy) - much like with all information systems. However, don’t the advantages of all technological advancements outweigh the disadvantages?