Innovation and Apple

posted Feb 20, 2013, 3:08 AM by Unknown user
By: Team PJS :S (Pok, Jack, Steve, Samuel)
The fruits of innovation are evident all around us in today’s society. The most famous of innovators, however, would have to be Apple. Apple has revolutionised technology as we knew it.  From pioneering the development of micro-computers, to full touch screen gaming phones, Apple has done it all.  Many of today’s standards are a direct result of what the company has achieved.

Apple started out in the humble garage of Steve Jobs. Through struggle and the company’s creativity, Apple now stands as the most influential company in today’s technologically dominated society. This couldn’t have happened if not for innovation. Innovation is the development and introduction of new and creative ideas that meet today’s standards.  It is this creativity, the ability for us to dream, which enables humans to achieve such high-quality technology.  Through the use of innovation, humans have shaped the present and tomorrow’s technology is slowly being unveiled.

Innovation is perhaps the most important part of technology. In the age we live in, technology continues to influence our lives in many ways, becoming more advanced to suit the constantly changing needs of consumers. For technology to keep developing, innovation is essential. To be able to come up with ideas that hasn’t been used by anyone else is groundbreaking.  Innovations are incredibly important for the continued development of our world.   Apple has created magnificent computers and smart phones in the past.  As clearly apparent today, they have been a part of our everyday lives. Innovations, much like technology, is constantly changing the way we live. As such, innovation can be considered the driving force of technology, using ideas to constantly spur development of new and improved information technology that continue to impact the world and meet the need for increased ergonomics.

Even today, innovation is constantly allowing technology to advance, improving ergonomics and the standard of life for individuals in the modern society.    However, as a direct result of this new-found technology, criminals are able to exploit the technology, abusing it to suit their needs.  Also, to meet the demands of developed countries, Apple and other large companies have turned to “sweatshops” as a means to mass produce and earn more profits.  These are only a few examples of where innovative technology has lead to a new range of ethical issues.

Although Apple has begun dominating many lives, it still is a clear example of what innovation can bring to society. Innovation allows for ideas that will completely change the world. Recent trends in technology has been apparent, with the current age being dominated by smartphones and social networking sites, which were both innovations at one point in time. With innovation, it greatly impacts on an individual and its environment.

Innovation is a truly magnificent thing, it is what allowed Apple to grow and become successful, don’t you agree?