Point and shoot? Or point and fall.

posted Feb 20, 2013, 4:19 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Feb 20, 2013, 2:22 PM ]

The Samsung Camera Shoots.. and misses in the hearts of those it intends.

With the domination of phones coming in all shapes, sizes and purposes, single reflex cameras are beginning to travel down the slippery slope of redundancy and land in the pits of forgotten technology. The latest release from the Samsung company, the Samsung Galaxy Camera, can be said to be an attempt to reproduce an already released product. Equipped with an Android touch screen and a lens capable of 21x zoom. The Samsung camera essentially is a better than average camera phone lens attached to a touch screen.

The Samsung Camera has a variety of flaws- ranging from the price, photo quality to short living battery. With the cost of the Galaxy Camera approximating at $499, the price of this glorified mobile phone may be too high for some. Although the camera would be of impressive quality and price for a regular mobile phone, the main attraction for this piece of technology is the camera, and the quality does not match the price. Another fault of the Samsung Camera is the difficulty it has when attempting to operate in areas with low light. In situations with little light, the result is most likely to be a blurry picture, once again not up to standard with the high cost involved. The battery of the camera is yet another flaw of the Samsung invention, with its lifespan not matching up to that of other cameras. There is a hibernation method which attempts to compensate for this weakness, but results in the need for starting up the camera, which takes quite a while.

Alongside the added fact that there is a deducted function of the 3G/4G Network, it further reduced the capabilities of the Samsung camera. Though it can be argued that with the variety of Google products and the added ease of wireless sharing photos on the cloud network can be made instant and far more convenient, this is far from the truth. Cases where this would have a chance of occurring would only be at your dwelling where there is free unlocked internet, and if you are home, why not just plug it in the computer to share online? Why would you waste $500 just for an item that could link up for instantaneous internet connection when there is another way, only at the added expense of a few extra minutes of a computer link?

This so called new product by Samsung is at the gentlest, an unneeded product that only serves as a disappointment to customers. There are minimal optical developments occurring with the maximum aperture f/2.6 which is no improvement from its previous predecessors and there have been reviews where freezing of viewing the photos occurs too. This camera certainly doesn’t have the sharpest screen on the market and the body is neither something to ‘wow’ over.
For a Samsung product, the concept can be readily accepted however once utilised in physical form with the current standard of specs, the real question boils down to this, just how important connectivity worth to you?