Watches + Smart = SmartWatch

posted Feb 20, 2013, 2:37 AM by Unknown user

Sony has been knuckling down furiously and endeavoured to please consumers with an innovative idea of a smartwatch.  From first glance it seems am
azing, but is this really the case?  Disappointing reviews have unfortunately been dispatched throughout the internet. Complaints about the screen display whilst in the sun. Settings restrictions and lacking key features are many of the major drawbacks of this product.

During testing of the Sony SmartWatch, it has been extremely difficult to read the screen display of the watch with sunlight shining upon it.  A CNET review, written by Brian Bennett, had stated, “One big drawback I have is that the display washes out in even modest sunlight, making the SmartWatch hard to read outdoors.”  This innovative technology is incredibly lacking in ergonomics. This washed display  becomes an extreme hassle when simply checking the time.  Continuously, you must strain your eyes, if not, tilt the device so the the sunlight does not reflect off it.

Furthermore, it has been evident to users that there are no settings on this SmartWatch.  There is no possible way of increasing or decreasing the brightness nor switching off the vibrations command.  Many users like the ability to adjust and change to their satisfaction.  Without settings, this completely restricts the user to the standard settings, wiping them of any versatility. SmartWatch has a very minimalist design that doesn’t provide much room for flexibility. With no options and preference is this watch designed for human?

The SmartWatch is also lacking of audio features, essential for any device on the current modern market. There is no speaker or microphone inbuilt and consequently, you are unable to pick any calls from the watch unless you have a Bluetooth headset connected.  This is quite clumsy, carrying around two items at once and if a user has forgotten to bring one of the components for an online meeting, they are unable to do anything.

When making watches interactive, a major issue is battery life. Currently watches don’t require “recharging” and making something “smart” involves consuming a lot of power. Thus as a result SmartWatch isn't very good in battery life. If used intensively it has to be charged every day which is a real obstacle. The “watch” becomes useless without charge and it doesn't even tell the time.

With all these disadvantages we pose the question: Will watches start turning smart?

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