Where to go now for Apple?

posted Feb 20, 2013, 4:22 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Feb 20, 2013, 3:26 PM by Unknown user ]
By: Team PJS :S (Pok, Jack, Steve, Samuel)
Apple, Inc., based in California, has been the darling of consumers and investors for the past 5 years, and it has undergone a meteoric rise to become the largest and most admired company in the world. The company’s smartphones and tablets have supplied most of the company’s revenue due to their ease of use and adaptability compared to other products. The company’s ability to develop personalised applications and features that can track and store information wherever you are, while alarming, has been very popular with consumers, who like the efficiency that it brings (e.g. iTunes), and this popularity has allowed the company to improve and introduce in-house technologies.   

The company delivered with crowd-pleasing products, such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. These products eventually dominated the tech scene and consumers were rapt. Each time Apple released new products or updates of products, there were massive lines in front of stores from Beijing to Boston. Investors were pleased too, as Apple’s stock was constantly increasing in value.

But then Apple started to run out of steam.

The latest iPhone, while popular, did not meet the excitement of previous editions. The iPad Mini was not creative enough (it was a smaller version of the iPad)  and consumers were disappointed. Updates of Apple’s PC range were not ground-breaking either. Fans and tech geeks were (and still are now) hungry for new and innovative technological advances from Apple and the company did not deliver.

The company’s products are now looked on with cautious concern and with the demise of Steve Jobs and increased competition from Samsung, HTC, Google and others, there is more pressure on the company to present new and different products. Google’s Android operating system has eaten into the market share of Apple’s iOS and consumers have praised the Android operating system due to its open source nature and its flexibility.  Apple has not been able to meet changing consumer needs, putting themselves in a huge amount of trouble, setting Apple back in the continual tech race..

Their fanbase is now shrinking, along with their value. Consumers are now heading towards Apple’s competitors for products with equal or better quality. Even though Apple’s products have fancy features like retina displays, thin screens, new apps, sharper cameras and FaceTime, consumers are finding the competition too attractive.  Apple now needs to present innovative products to stay on top.  With rumours of an iWatch and an iCar floating around, maybe they can.

But what do you think? Does Apple have the strength to stay on top of its rivals or will it be crushed by the might of its competitors?