Lockitron; is it really worth it?

by: Sunny Lu, Tharsini Urutherakumar, Christina Johnpillai, Elaine Yan

Ever thought that you could open your front door, without even raising a finger? The Lockitron makes this very idea a reality. This new gadget is one of many ever growing upgrades to your phone and works by wirelessly unlocking your door. However, though this innovation may seem glamorous, it has several disadvantages such as its lack of security and incompatibility . Is it really worth incorporating a whole new system, that will effectively only save you a couple of seconds?

Lockitron works by enabling keyless entry, via the use of Bluetooth 4.0 which senses when an individual walks up to the door, and unlocks it for you. Although this may seem like an innovative idea, it just paves the way for a hacker to obtain access into another’s home, by simply stealing their phone. Lockitron also obtains the power to open all locks, and although it has security barriers in place, it is possible for an individual to hack into their server and obtain not only access to one individual’s home, but to hundreds.

Furthermore, Lockitron encourages its users, to stop using the traditional key to enter their home, and rather rely on Lockitron to allow entry. If a user was to forget their phone or have it stolen, the user would have to reset settings on the lockitron (which would be at home) and this would be quite difficult without a key to your house! If one does not carry their key with them and if there is a power outage, it is virtually impossible for them to enter their home (unless you’re using an iPhone 4s or 5). Hence, the idea of a keyless entry is not ideal, as it has several faults, with individuals likely to prefer the traditional key which regardless of a power failure or a lost phone will always open your front door.

Additionally, the Lockitron is not very compatible. Most residences have more than one lock and if a house were to have more than one lock, then an owner would have to buy additional Lockitrons or end up removing the lock which will further reduce the house’s physical security. The lockitron is also only compatible with a deadbolt which further decreases its suitability. Moreover, most apartment blocks also require a key to open the outside door before someone can enter through to their residency (where there would be another door) hence making the Lockitron redundant. The piece of fancy technology also comes at quite a sharp price of $179 - talk about expensive keyless entry!  

In conclusion, the advancement of this new technology is a serious question of whether the convenience of not having to carry around an extra key is worth the security risk. Do you believe that the Lockitron will slowly be introduced into everyone’s home, with key’s virtually nonexistent, or is this just technology prying too far into our social security?