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posted Jun 17, 2013, 4:16 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jun 17, 2013, 4:30 PM ]
So I've gotten my feedback report back.  
I need to make it more professional looking (*cough* Pok reports *cough*).

I've fixed some typos in my script.
I've also fixed up some of the "bugs" in the script.

Punctuation errors. - "As a result, his body was roasted along with some nearby grassland, which gave him major burns. - Don't worry, Ma'am, we'll solve this case. - So what's the matter, Detective? - Well, early this morning, he was found dead in a park. - But you may want to investigate Steve.  - If you turn yourself in, we may be able to reduce the charges against you. - Meet me at 14 Felton Road, at 8PM. Come alone or there will be consequences. - When I choose for the sidekick to go, it says 9PM instead of 8. - Oh's dark so you won't be noticed. - I've said enough. Goodbye, Detective. - Detective, do you have any new leads? - *Yes - I hid because I was afraid, but little did you know, I was just playing along with your evil plans. - Stop trying to fool me, I know everything. Put the chainsaw down and surrender. - There's no turning back now. - Mr Woo, you're coming down to oblivion with me *edit*. - "Oh boy"?  

 - Sunny moving to the right when he wasn't supposed to.