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General Progress

posted Mar 31, 2012, 5:22 PM by Unknown user
Have altered my Gantt Chart slightly to account for the extra 3 days we were given to complete the assignment (now due on Thursday).
I have edited my Requirement Report slightly.  It is aroudn 2pages long.
Feasibility Study is well and truly finished at around 4/5 of a page long. 
Process Analysis has been edited, and I Will add some more process I can think of to it.  However, I have yet to receive helpful comments from Mr Woo. *snifflesticks*
I have placed my contents into my title page!  Saving paper ;D 
I have finished one flyer for my group.  I plan to create a more informative one.  If I have spare time, I may even create a third ;) [unlikely though because I have my Ag assignment to do....]
I have started creating a powerpoint for my presentation!
When Steve gets online, I'm going to send my report to him and ask for some feedback.