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9IPT 2012 (02/03-02/04) Assignment

Group ideas:
1. Waterwatch club (Monitoring and recording creek pH, wildlife, bugs, fish)
2. Vehicles club (Auto enthusiasts - study vehicle models, go to vehicle display shows for excursions)
3. Robots and electronics club (Making introductory robots+configurations etc.)
4. Laptop club (Bring laptop and learn about its systems, how to use Adobe, Microsoft Word, unblock websites)
5. Lecture club (Takes place in lecture theatre; Listen to lectures and improve lifestyle~)
6. Community awareness club (Learn about what is happening in the community, and help from time to time)
7. Political club (Sparks an interest in those wanting to study law; talks about current affairs such as the fight for Labor between Rudd and Gillard)
8. Fundraising club (Commerce-interested students can design fundraising activities to earn a profit- which then could be used to fund other clubs =P)
9. Shakespeare club (Learn about William Shakespeare, do worksheets in lunch etc.)
10. School community club (Action plans to make school better such as exterminating mosquitoes around the P block...)
11. Photography club (Learn about apertures, grid rules, how to take photos, camera designs)
12. Stress management club (Learn how to manage your time and organise your assignments in the best possible way to avoid leaving everything to the last day)