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Very Long Post...

posted Mar 24, 2012, 11:11 PM by Ricky Chung
Didn't reallly understand the thing about the register before so this is gonna be pretty long... anyways..
Title Page?
Easy..Been there done that.
Table of content..Took 2 Seconds
Requirements Report?
Harder. A lot harder. Took me several days and a double lesson to do that... Wrote it in point form originally but changed it to paragraphs cos it looked short and dodgy. My objectives are.. legit? :L
Gantt Chart..
Filling in with BLUE >:D
Bweh..Hating the Fundraising bit.. Everything i can think of is related to food :3 Sausage sizzle, food stalls, im getting hungry as i write this.. D:
I DID MY POSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AND IT KICKS!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D
well i think it does =P
At this very moment i am editing my process analysis section thingo.. thanks for the edits mr woo xD
If i don't get full marks for the section.. NOT ENOUGH TIPS D': LOLJKS =P
lol at first i thought 'written form' meant hand written... ><