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My poor Gantt chart...

posted Mar 26, 2012, 2:33 AM by Steve Qian
I told myself that I'd stick to the Gantt least I tried.

I've finished the requirement report and started the feasibility study.

Finishing off the requirement report: We can collect relevant data and information by a variety of sources, namely asking other people, or researching in libraries for cookbooks or going online.

A solutions to my goals (making a cookbook, teaching all the members the basics of cooking, finding existing recipes or making new ones and then making the recipes) are:
-> Watching cooking shows for ideas of recipes, then refining them (canteen doesn't have a TV though, we would have to run down to somewhere else in the school)
-> Inviting other people (parents, people from the neighborhood that cook, etc.) to our meetings. (how often would we be able to get a visitor though?)
-> Researching in libraries or getting stuff off the Internet

The third one is the best, because it is quite convenient - all we need to do is find a recipe on the Internet to print and then refine, or we can dictate steps from a cooking book.