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Ready to go!

posted Feb 25, 2013, 2:37 AM by Sunny Lu   [ updated Feb 26, 2013, 3:30 AM ]
So i've finalised on a couple of ideas. One of them is basically the secret of the Bermuda triangle where a collection of spam has one person thinking about what is really means. The person sending the spam and a plea to rescue him and has set a puzzle (he codes this to avoid suspicion by intelligence agencies) and offers a reward (gold found on the island). He claims to come from the bermuda triangle sending the emails via satellite connection. The emails are largely ignored as spam except one person who tries to solve his puzzle. He solves the puzzle and discovers a route to the bermuda triangle! The man goes missing for many years but then comes back in a boat. The problem is that no one knows which person came back since both have been missing for years. Maybe the captor had killed the puzzle solver, stolen all his identity uploaded the log videos to act legitimate and assumed his life or the puzzle solver took the reward, killed the victim came back to start a new life.   
the main problem i find is filming the ocean which might be quite difficult to make it look plausible. 
If this idea fails, the map could simply lead to a hidden area where it leads to a secret location. 
Just a side note, notice that the backwards of SPAM is MAPS :P
Another idea i have come up with a new game has been released, and one of the many youtubers reviews this game and during the gameplay, he stumbles upon a random code which is largely ignored as a glitch. However, one follower decides to investigate posting his own videos on what he believes is a puzzle. Going on the he finds out a terrible secret, the game is being used by criminals to transfer confidential information. The user eventually stops posting videos he goes missing. The police find out about his videos and investigate but dont have enough evidence and cannot find the whereabouts of the person to ask questions. The game is largely popular so they cant find what account the criminals were using and the case is unsolved.  
I will polish these stories but these are just some brief outlines of my ideas. 
I've finalised the planning stage report an i just need to polish it and finalise my schedule and gantt chart which i can hopefully stick to!