posted Jun 25, 2013, 3:46 PM by Tharsini Urutherakumar
So, this will be a post for everything i have done for the past two days.
So i have actually finalised my website - and all i need to do is publish it. This included adding voiceovers, changing the layout of some of the pages and adding some more videos. I also added several slideshows and just attempted to make the website more aesthetically pleasing. But the major change to the website was the addition of crime scene #2, so this was the murder of Sierra Prakash and i added information about her death, interviews with her daughter and a voiceover of her screaming before her death.
I am also currently finishing my video. So i filmed a lot more scenes including crime scene #2 and i have been editing as i go, rather than filming everything and leaving the bulk editing at the end. I found this easier as it meant that if i found a scene to have lacking audio or quality i had the option of reshooting it. I also wrote on my whiteboard a sort of case summary and that will be used in the final scene that i shall film today.
Hopefully i can finish! fingers crossed :)