posted Jun 19, 2013, 12:22 AM by Tharsini Urutherakumar

So good news has arrived as Mr woo made a mistake on the assignment sheet and hence our assignment is due in two fragments. This means that our video and website will be due on the next Thursday, whilst the documentation will be due on the Thursday of next term. YAY good news!

So I need to get a move on. Firstly, I have decided to finish all my video blogs first – I have decided to do this as it is easy and I can quickly add it to the website and have the blogging section of the website finished and over with. Furthermore, I realised that I cannot finish my website until I finish my filming as the photos and videos of the crime scenes will have to be incorporated into the crime scene pages.

So my video, as I mentioned before, I have changed the plotline a little to suit me more. This meant reducing the number of actors (there is no longer a little sister) and also shortening the number of crime scenes before the detective finds the murderer. So today, I have decided that I will reshoot crime scene number 1 using the users’ feedback to make it more professional and suitable for a movie. I also thought of another idea to put in the film. The idea came to me when I was watching criminal minds and I saw that they had a board where they displayed all their information about the crimes. As I have a large whiteboard I was thinking I could glutack photos of crime scenes – connect them together with string and write information around them. I could the film the detective using a stick (pointer) going through all these information. I have decided to do a long version of this and a short version. The long version will go on the website under the “clueless case” page whilst the short one will go in the video.

That’s all for now! Will talk to you later today once I get some work done!