Marking Rubric

posted Jun 24, 2013, 3:27 PM by Tharsini Urutherakumar
So today, in the morning class we recieved the marking rubric and it was as always extremely helpful as it made sure you would be ontrack and help you slightly change or add more information into your product.
FInal product
  • Demonstrates original and creative use of appropriate software: This basically meant that you had to try and add different kinds of options to your software. For e.g. rather than using a pre-set template you should try and create your own. This was pretty interesting, as i never thought of exploring my software but i realised that i had infact explored it unintentionally. So basically i used a blank template (mainly because i didnt like the other templates and those ones did not suit my mystery idea), i also explored the options that wix could do as i found it really interesting. However when it came to videos i basically did nothing-so need to you know experiment with video editing software
  • System employs all media types substantially: Are all the multimedia types in the system (text and audio are the hardest). However, the media types have to necessary and you cant just put in a media type for the sake of putting it - this was interesting as it raised the important question: if you took it away, would you lose something out of the product? This was interesting as i realised i had used all of the media types except animation - as i thought creating an animation would be too difficult. However when i asked Mr Woo today, he told me that slideshow counted as an animation and that creating just a slideshow would be sufficient for the category, so yay!
  • Showcases unique strengths of each media type - this basically means that you have to use the media type for the reason it was created e.g. music has a unique strength of creating an atmosphere e.g. creepy
  • Suitable balance between breadth of content and level of details - Have you used your time efficiently?  
  • Content effectively conveys a story with mystery elements - is the story good? This was interesting as when i first created the website i thought my story was pretty good as it even scared me but now i had to cut down my ideas a lot so now i really need to work on making my project as a whole maybe not scary but interesting.
  • Exhibits multiple levels of refinement that reflect Spiral development approach This basically means that the quality of the product must improve over time (Spiral). This means that everything basically has to accurate e.g. all the audio should be good quality, links link the the right page, no spelling images (QUALITY). This is pretty important as it reflects the proffesionalism of the project.
  • Argues for selection of components present in final product Questions that need to be asked in this section: Have you picked each media type and put it in an appropriate place, have you changed your website based on your feedback. For this part of the marking criteria, i think my prototype document will come into great use!
  • Outline the difficulties associated with: Technological feasibility (camera angles, animation hard to incorporate) Operational feasibility (how well does it fit into the environment, where do the users have challenges using my product) Schedule feasibility (what problems did you experience with keeping to the schedule and how it impact the progress positively or negatively)
  • Evaluates project management techniques in development in relation to system design: story boarding system production: team of people who answered the survey - was it helpful? Why or why not? Evaluate make a valued judgement e.g. this is a really useful project register - gannt chart unrealist. E.g. these were useful - these weren't why?