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Tharsini's Register


posted Apr 2, 2012, 3:38 AM by Tharsini Urutherakumar

heheh so today is APRIL FOOLS(: just thought id mention that
anyways seeing, as i had garden development due today i didnt have much time to work on my speech, so im writing yesterday's post today =D
ANWAY i worked on my PRESENATION
so basically i wrote the overview of the speech, and im sort of a improviser so i write points and then make it up, because usually when i have a written speech i kinda just ignore it because IM SO STRESSED =D ehehe so i just wrote points plus a bit of info
In my speech i included all the info about my club, including the purpose, goals, feasibility study. Im not sure whether to include the Seven Processes part? but ill ask Mr woo, or elaine or chrissie that tommorow. Cos otherwise, there will be too much info and its only a three minute speech. 
So far my speech is (not including seven processes) 4 minutes which is KINDA WORRYING.but i can probably cut down on it(: so i should be fine
Oh and for my video which i shall video tommorow im doing it infront of my white board, so that i can draw stuff, and use that as a visual representation because im not very technological and cannot create a video, that shows me talking as well as a powerpoint(: so CHYEAH! 
THATS ALL FOR NOW.(: i might do one last post on tuesday..(: just to say i've printed everything out and recorded it =D

NEAR near NEAR near the END end END end

posted Mar 30, 2012, 4:30 AM by Tharsini Urutherakumar

(: well this is my second last post, as im on the 30th of March, according to my gannt chart im meant to be almost finished..but seeing as i AM NOT.i decided to extend it by one day so that i could have extra time to catch up, also the assignment day got postponed to Wednesday instead of tuesday(: so thats good too =D 

ohkay so lets see what i have done right now(: 

  • i have edited the Process Analysis though i still think that for some processes e.g. collecting it is lacking a few points 
  • I have finished all my posters(: (2A4 and 1A3) 
  • i have no idea where to go for my presenation though cos i scrapped the last idea cos it was too boring :/ hmmm ill think of more ideas later(: because thats the only thing left i havta do =D


posted Mar 29, 2012, 4:37 PM by Tharsini Urutherakumar

ohkay..we are having a double ipt lesson and seeing as we finished the in class activity we have the rest of the lesson to work on our assignment and i being a smart person have decided to do a checklist and see how far i have gone and how much further i need to do =D

so here it is: 

Title page 
Contents Page
Problem/need of group 
Purpose of the group 
Group Goals 
Methods of research + findings
3 possible solutions 
Recommendation of solution 
Economic feasibility
Technical Feasibility 
Schedule Feasibility 
Gannt Chart
Process Analysis (WORK IN PROGRESS)
Fundraising options 

this means im nearly done
all i have left is to fix my process analysis, i have to fix one A4 poster cos its looking a bit dodgy and do my PRESENATION
thats all for now anways CIAO(:
tharsh <3

Nearly done(:

posted Mar 29, 2012, 12:30 AM by Tharsini Urutherakumar

so today im up to data with my gannt chart and am meant to be working on my poster, fundraising options, register and editing and finally my presentation. 
Mr Woo, told us however that we had to record our presenation as there wouldnt be enough time to present in the one period we had on Wednesday. 
i was looking over the requirements and i realised that for "investigating three different fundraising options," i had already basically done that in my group charter but im not sure if i have to add it in again..a question to ask Mr Woo tommorow. 
i finished all my posters too (; so that was good - so now i have two finished A4 posters and one A3 poster =D YAY!
i have started my presentation but currently its all info so tommorow i shall make it interesting later(:
ANYWAYS thats all for now=D

Halfway through(:

posted Mar 26, 2012, 2:26 AM by Tharsini Urutherakumar   [ updated Mar 26, 2012, 7:53 PM ]

Ohkay as you can see by my gannt chart, i did nothing on the March 24th, this is basically cos i was at DUKE OF ED =D and unless your crazy you wouldnt bring your laptop with you to do hw =D
So, i decided to put a lot of work into today, and focus on IPT the WHOLE DAY(: 
As always, i followed the gannt chart, which is proving to be pretty cool and started of with my requirement report. I have basically finished revising my previous one so that there are no Loop holes in the report; so im basically done this section just maybe on the last day look over it quickly for gramatical or SPELLING errors(: 
For my poster i have decided to do one A3 poster and two A4 Poster, with the A3 poster being mainly simple as it should attract the viewers attention and the A4 poster containing all the information. I worked on one of the A4 posters today, as i didnt have cardboard for the A3 poster. 
So for my A4 poster, i just inserted pics and info including the basic stuff that will occur in the Forensics club and all the benefits of the club. 
In terms of my fundraising materials i brainstormed all the ideas; which were
  • Forensics week
  • Club membership fee 

  • Hmm i cant think of the last fundraising information but as shakespeare once said or well i think he once said "ony time can heal this horrible wounds"

anyways tharsh is OUTTIE <3

The fleshing out

posted Mar 26, 2012, 12:49 AM by Tharsini Urutherakumar

So this is an entry, for March 22nd, as i was busy packing for Duke of Edinburgh and didnt have time to make an entry.
So basically, i wanted to make sure i was all set and understood all the questions in the assignment, so in ipt class i asked Mr Woo a few question that i didnt understand, which were mainly to do with the Requirement report.
These were: 
1) Are you allowed to change the dates in a Gannt Chart, so have two day intervals and then one day intervals? No, this would not allow the marker to see how much time it took to complete a task, as they were all in different intervals. 
2) What does Methods of investigation and findings mean? This task requires me to think of three possible ways in which to extract data to benefit my club. So basically i have three methods: internet, face to face and phone contact. Mr woo explained to me that i could research different information about forensics via the internet, talk to maybe a science teacher in the area of forensics, and contact via phone a real forensic scientist. 
3) What does 3 possible solutions mean? This means basically finding a way around your boundaries, and achieving your goals. E.g. One solution could be hosting a excursion where the members of the forensics club went to a professional Forensics lab and learnt about forensics there. 
Okay so i followed the GOLDEN RULES of my gannt chart and did my Requirement Report, Feasibility Study and obivously now register. 
So basically for my requirement report; i have finished a basic draft, though i shall add more "dough" and make it more interesting and more information, as currently it is basically ideas placed in extremely basic sentences. 
For my feasibility study, i already did my first draft, so i tried to make a second draft; but only managed to change a few sentences - so ill fix it fully later (:
Thats all for now BYE BYE (: 

Progress has been made

posted Mar 20, 2012, 3:31 AM by Tharsini Urutherakumar   [ updated Mar 21, 2012, 4:36 AM ]

After a long time, i have started work today, mainly because i had alot of assignments due for the past few days, so today i've got a pack day in terms of my ipt assignment. 
So today, i worked on my feasibility study, requirement report and presenation  
(: and im finished the feasbility study though it may need some editing
For my requirement report, i did a) b) c) and d) except i dont understand f) and g) (so next ipt lesson i shall ask Mr woo about this)
and i have drafted out what i need to do for my pressentation with ideas 
thats all for now (:
ciao ~

Working out the finer points

posted Mar 15, 2012, 8:57 PM by Tharsini Urutherakumar

So according to my gannt chart (which i shall attach as a file on my next post..because right now it looks really UGLY), i began work on:
- title page
- Gannt chart
- register
i also did a basic plan of what i was going to do with my assignment so i would feel less stressed and have a basic idea of where i was going. However i ended up feeling MORE stressed because i didnt know how to answer most of the questions which was quite worrying.
Anyways this is what i had
1. Title page (simple and completed)
2. Table of contents (simple and easy to complete)
3. Requirement report
  •     The problem/ aim: (adresses the statistics that show evergrowing crime rate/ improve students skills to assess data and interpret it)
  • Purpose of the group (as above?)
  • The groups objectives (to improve skills of students by helping them to advance in their interpretative skills)
  • Any boundaries/ constraints for the group (evidence used in the "case" may be tampered with by other james ruse students)
  • Methods of investigation/research and your findings (dont understand what this section means)
  • 3 Possible solutions - how the goals may be achieved by different group activities (regularly participate in crime sketchs, every few month -crime show marathon, excursion to a real crime investigation centre)
  • Recommendation of a solution (dont understand this)
4. A Feasibility Study
  • Economic - compare costs to expected benefits (for my group, there are not any main costs, except for a few props which can be either funded by the school or a $2 membership fee) 
  • Technical Feasibility - the information technology requirements for the group (as the group is forensics it obviously requires several computer work to analyse codes and interpret clues.) 
  • Schedule Feasibility - is sufficient time available to achieve all stated goals (Yes, there will be a bit less than a year, for the members to work on their skills with approximately 7-8 crime sketches, and 4-5 crime marathons as well as one excursion)
5.Gannt chart (completed)

6.A process analysis that outline the 7 information processes that will take place within the daily operations of your group .

7.A register (N.A) 

8.Presentation (i shall try to make the presentation interesting maybe i could include a crime sketch though this would be difficultin the 3 minutes provided. Furthermore i want to include all of this information in the actual report maybe even include a few excerptsfrom a crime show at the start to intrigue my class so they wont be bored) 

And so the work begins

posted Mar 12, 2012, 12:15 AM by Tharsini Urutherakumar

Well - its time to get down and hard working because the project's due date is like really close - 
for my gannt chart, i heard that a lot of people are doing it at three day intervals, but i decided to do it a two day intervals, cos that way i will have shorter periods of work time which is better for my brain. Anyways, hopefully i will be finished approximately three days before my due data assignment so i can be stress free. 
I also havent really found a problem which is the cause for my group in the first place, which is a little troubling; i was thinking about more awareness of the increasing crime and murder rate might be one. 
Furthermore, in terms of boundaries, there really shouldn't be one(:
Well this is a basic summary of my club 
There is a group of hopefully twenty with a group meeting every month, two people every month create a crime, with sufficient clues and signs so that the rest of the group may find out who is the victim and who is the murderer. 
For example, there may be a factsheet about the "fake vicitim" on a website and a fake victims body (a manikin), as well as other clues that will help the other group members locate the murderer, with the winner winning a prize. This does not require very much money, rather time and creativity.
There is the boundary, that other students in the school may touch some of the crime scene material, so maybe you can post a sticker that says "Forensics Club" and so they won't.
Well, ill get to work quietly now, and post on what i have done later =D

Think of a Final Idea

posted Mar 8, 2012, 3:12 PM by Tharsini Urutherakumar   [ updated Mar 8, 2012, 3:29 PM ]

Well the due date is coming up, so i decided to try and think of new ideas that i actually am happy with 
i have 
Riding School: well i really love horse, and we live on a farm?...SO this might be cool 
Climbing: this is sort of fun sport, for kids who love DANGER(: like me
so you climb ropes, climb FAKE mountains..and maybe raise money to go on a real SCARY camp
Forensic Club You try and solve a mystery set up by the rest of the club (I LOVE NCIS AND MENTALIST - so this might be fun) 
hmmm, i have talked to Mr woo..and asked for help to decide between climbing and forensic (i dont really like riding)
he told me that forensic would be easier to do becasuse it was technologically related SO 
I HAVE DECIDED on the forensic club..=) and i think its a pretty COOL idea(:
so lets see where it goes =)
now i just have to begin planning 

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