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And so the work begins

posted Mar 12, 2012, 12:15 AM by Tharsini Urutherakumar
Well - its time to get down and hard working because the project's due date is like really close - 
for my gannt chart, i heard that a lot of people are doing it at three day intervals, but i decided to do it a two day intervals, cos that way i will have shorter periods of work time which is better for my brain. Anyways, hopefully i will be finished approximately three days before my due data assignment so i can be stress free. 
I also havent really found a problem which is the cause for my group in the first place, which is a little troubling; i was thinking about more awareness of the increasing crime and murder rate might be one. 
Furthermore, in terms of boundaries, there really shouldn't be one(:
Well this is a basic summary of my club 
There is a group of hopefully twenty with a group meeting every month, two people every month create a crime, with sufficient clues and signs so that the rest of the group may find out who is the victim and who is the murderer. 
For example, there may be a factsheet about the "fake vicitim" on a website and a fake victims body (a manikin), as well as other clues that will help the other group members locate the murderer, with the winner winning a prize. This does not require very much money, rather time and creativity.
There is the boundary, that other students in the school may touch some of the crime scene material, so maybe you can post a sticker that says "Forensics Club" and so they won't.
Well, ill get to work quietly now, and post on what i have done later =D