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posted Apr 2, 2012, 3:38 AM by Tharsini Urutherakumar
heheh so today is APRIL FOOLS(: just thought id mention that
anyways seeing, as i had garden development due today i didnt have much time to work on my speech, so im writing yesterday's post today =D
ANWAY i worked on my PRESENATION
so basically i wrote the overview of the speech, and im sort of a improviser so i write points and then make it up, because usually when i have a written speech i kinda just ignore it because IM SO STRESSED =D ehehe so i just wrote points plus a bit of info
In my speech i included all the info about my club, including the purpose, goals, feasibility study. Im not sure whether to include the Seven Processes part? but ill ask Mr woo, or elaine or chrissie that tommorow. Cos otherwise, there will be too much info and its only a three minute speech. 
So far my speech is (not including seven processes) 4 minutes which is KINDA WORRYING.but i can probably cut down on it(: so i should be fine
Oh and for my video which i shall video tommorow im doing it infront of my white board, so that i can draw stuff, and use that as a visual representation because im not very technological and cannot create a video, that shows me talking as well as a powerpoint(: so CHYEAH! 
THATS ALL FOR NOW.(: i might do one last post on tuesday..(: just to say i've printed everything out and recorded it =D