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Halfway through(:

posted Mar 26, 2012, 2:26 AM by Tharsini Urutherakumar   [ updated Mar 26, 2012, 7:53 PM ]
Ohkay as you can see by my gannt chart, i did nothing on the March 24th, this is basically cos i was at DUKE OF ED =D and unless your crazy you wouldnt bring your laptop with you to do hw =D
So, i decided to put a lot of work into today, and focus on IPT the WHOLE DAY(: 
As always, i followed the gannt chart, which is proving to be pretty cool and started of with my requirement report. I have basically finished revising my previous one so that there are no Loop holes in the report; so im basically done this section just maybe on the last day look over it quickly for gramatical or SPELLING errors(: 
For my poster i have decided to do one A3 poster and two A4 Poster, with the A3 poster being mainly simple as it should attract the viewers attention and the A4 poster containing all the information. I worked on one of the A4 posters today, as i didnt have cardboard for the A3 poster. 
So for my A4 poster, i just inserted pics and info including the basic stuff that will occur in the Forensics club and all the benefits of the club. 
In terms of my fundraising materials i brainstormed all the ideas; which were
  • Forensics week
  • Club membership fee 

  • Hmm i cant think of the last fundraising information but as shakespeare once said or well i think he once said "ony time can heal this horrible wounds"

anyways tharsh is OUTTIE <3