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NEAR near NEAR near the END end END end

posted Mar 30, 2012, 4:30 AM by Tharsini Urutherakumar
(: well this is my second last post, as im on the 30th of March, according to my gannt chart im meant to be almost finished..but seeing as i AM NOT.i decided to extend it by one day so that i could have extra time to catch up, also the assignment day got postponed to Wednesday instead of tuesday(: so thats good too =D 

ohkay so lets see what i have done right now(: 

  • i have edited the Process Analysis though i still think that for some processes e.g. collecting it is lacking a few points 
  • I have finished all my posters(: (2A4 and 1A3) 
  • i have no idea where to go for my presenation though cos i scrapped the last idea cos it was too boring :/ hmmm ill think of more ideas later(: because thats the only thing left i havta do =D