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The fleshing out

posted Mar 26, 2012, 12:49 AM by Tharsini Urutherakumar
So this is an entry, for March 22nd, as i was busy packing for Duke of Edinburgh and didnt have time to make an entry.
So basically, i wanted to make sure i was all set and understood all the questions in the assignment, so in ipt class i asked Mr Woo a few question that i didnt understand, which were mainly to do with the Requirement report.
These were: 
1) Are you allowed to change the dates in a Gannt Chart, so have two day intervals and then one day intervals? No, this would not allow the marker to see how much time it took to complete a task, as they were all in different intervals. 
2) What does Methods of investigation and findings mean? This task requires me to think of three possible ways in which to extract data to benefit my club. So basically i have three methods: internet, face to face and phone contact. Mr woo explained to me that i could research different information about forensics via the internet, talk to maybe a science teacher in the area of forensics, and contact via phone a real forensic scientist. 
3) What does 3 possible solutions mean? This means basically finding a way around your boundaries, and achieving your goals. E.g. One solution could be hosting a excursion where the members of the forensics club went to a professional Forensics lab and learnt about forensics there. 
Okay so i followed the GOLDEN RULES of my gannt chart and did my Requirement Report, Feasibility Study and obivously now register. 
So basically for my requirement report; i have finished a basic draft, though i shall add more "dough" and make it more interesting and more information, as currently it is basically ideas placed in extremely basic sentences. 
For my feasibility study, i already did my first draft, so i tried to make a second draft; but only managed to change a few sentences - so ill fix it fully later (:
Thats all for now BYE BYE (: