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Working out the finer points

posted Mar 15, 2012, 8:57 PM by Tharsini Urutherakumar
So according to my gannt chart (which i shall attach as a file on my next post..because right now it looks really UGLY), i began work on:
- title page
- Gannt chart
- register
i also did a basic plan of what i was going to do with my assignment so i would feel less stressed and have a basic idea of where i was going. However i ended up feeling MORE stressed because i didnt know how to answer most of the questions which was quite worrying.
Anyways this is what i had
1. Title page (simple and completed)
2. Table of contents (simple and easy to complete)
3. Requirement report
  •     The problem/ aim: (adresses the statistics that show evergrowing crime rate/ improve students skills to assess data and interpret it)
  • Purpose of the group (as above?)
  • The groups objectives (to improve skills of students by helping them to advance in their interpretative skills)
  • Any boundaries/ constraints for the group (evidence used in the "case" may be tampered with by other james ruse students)
  • Methods of investigation/research and your findings (dont understand what this section means)
  • 3 Possible solutions - how the goals may be achieved by different group activities (regularly participate in crime sketchs, every few month -crime show marathon, excursion to a real crime investigation centre)
  • Recommendation of a solution (dont understand this)
4. A Feasibility Study
  • Economic - compare costs to expected benefits (for my group, there are not any main costs, except for a few props which can be either funded by the school or a $2 membership fee) 
  • Technical Feasibility - the information technology requirements for the group (as the group is forensics it obviously requires several computer work to analyse codes and interpret clues.) 
  • Schedule Feasibility - is sufficient time available to achieve all stated goals (Yes, there will be a bit less than a year, for the members to work on their skills with approximately 7-8 crime sketches, and 4-5 crime marathons as well as one excursion)
5.Gannt chart (completed)

6.A process analysis that outline the 7 information processes that will take place within the daily operations of your group .

7.A register (N.A) 

8.Presentation (i shall try to make the presentation interesting maybe i could include a crime sketch though this would be difficultin the 3 minutes provided. Furthermore i want to include all of this information in the actual report maybe even include a few excerptsfrom a crime show at the start to intrigue my class so they wont be bored) 
Tharsini Urutherakumar,
Mar 15, 2012, 8:57 PM