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SDD Project

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posted Aug 5, 2013, 2:20 AM by Unknown user

I finished this project a week ago.

Background Research

posted Nov 15, 2012, 2:14 AM by Unknown user

Okay, so now that the assignment outline has been given to us. I have been trying my best to do some research on the programming languages and game concepts that I could use for this Programming Project. 

Mrs. Chen has also given us a challenge that if we follow our Gantt Chart to the second then we will get a bonus mark. Thus i have created this register to accurately record the journal dates for this project. 

Currently, i have downloaded the Gantt Chart Software (Microsoft Project) and I have learnt the software so that just after exams i can do the launch of this project. The Initial Gantt Chart is due in the second week Term 1 and thus the chart will be definitely be completed by then.  A screenshot of Microsoft Project is also provided.

The programming languages that i have researched are C++ and Python. For C++ I searched up online how to make software and write the languages. I downloaded the apparently better Sublime Text Editor Software since it has certain advantages to Notepad as Sublime is made for programming languages. A screenshot of the sublime text editor can be seen below. The editor is not the only software required to run this software and thus i have had to install the massive package of Cygwin. This runs and debugs the program that i write through Sublime. This is basically a command line interface which has very hard to understand instructions since it has been made for Linux Operating Systems.  I am trying my best to learn all these commands so that i use Cygwin to its full potential. A screenshot of Cygwin can also be seen below.

For this game, i was also looking to create a graphics environment for my character to move around in. For this after some research i decided to download OpenGL and see how it goes. I currently haven't played around with that yet due to exams but i will do something on it after exams. OpenGL, hopefully, should be very useful and make the whole graphic process a lot easier. A screenshot of OpenGL can also be seen below. 

Overall, I am off to a good start but will have to hold off on further progress on the project due to 2 HSC Assessments and I will continuing research after next Tuesday. I hope to decide the topic and structure of my game by the end of this term.


  1. The top right one is OpenGL which is turning out to be fairly hard to use.
  2. The bottom right screenshot is Sublime Text Editor which is really useful especially when finding errors in your programming.
  3. The left picture is the Cygwin command interface which is hard to control and difficult to remember input commands.
OpenGL (Hard to Use)

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