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If you're familiar with RSS feeds,
then go straight to the news feed for Woo Random Files. Happy reading!

If you don't know what 'subscribing' to a website is, read on.

What is subscribing?

Just like a normal subscription
If you have a magazine subscription, it means that you have asked a magazine publisher to send you new editions of that magazine automatically, for an agreed price. That way, as soon as a new edition comes out (say, at the beginning of each month), you don't need to take a trip to the local newsagent to buy a copy. All you have to do is walk out to your mailbox and pick up the one that's been sent directly to you.

Except it's for websites
Using a tool called RSS (which stands for Real Simple Syndication), you can subscribe to websites in exactly the same way that you would subscribe to a magazine. If you follow a blog or news site, you generally have to check back at the site to see if they've posted something new. That's just like driving down to the newsagent to see if a new edition of the magazine has come out yet. 

Why check the news when it can check itself?
However, most frequently updated sites offer what is called an RSS feed, which can be picked up a program called a feed reader. The feed reader acts like your mailbox. If you subscribe to a site, then as soon as the site is updated with a post or news item, it will be automatically sent to your feed reader. You don't have to go looking for it manually; it comes looking for you. This is particularly useful if you spend a lot of time checking a variety of different sites for updates.

So, how do I subscribe?

There are some great resources out there to help you work out how to subscribe to a website's RSS feed:
Once you understand how to subscribe, all you need to subscribe to the news on Woo Random Files is the link to the news feed. Click on "add subscription" in your feed reader, paste in the address and you're off and running!

Why subscribe?

Here are a few reasons to convince you that it's worth subscribing:
  1. Time efficiency. You can read as many blogs as you want in just one place - even if you read 100 blogs, they all come together in your feed reader and co-exist happily. If you're into using your precious time well (who isn't?), RSS feed subscriptions are for you.
  2. Save brain space. Since you're automatically notified about new stuff, you won’t have to waste brain space remembering to check to see if there’s anything new here. (I know that brain space is at a premium for some of you. Kidding!)
  3. Price. Subscribing to magazines and newspapers costs money. Subscribing here is free!
  4. Privacy. You don’t have to give your email address to subscribe by RSS, which means you'll never be spammed because of a subscription to a blog. (Not that I would spam you. But it's nice to know that some other person you subscribe to can't, even if they wanted to.)
  5. Looking professional. Reading blogs in your feed reader looks more like legit business than surfing the net. (This is especially important when the website you're looking at has some stupid name, like Woo Random Files or something implausible like that.)
  6. Life is better. That might sound like an overstatement, but I view feed readers like mobile phones. Before you start using them, they look difficult and complicated (you should have seen the confusion when predictive text input was invented). But once you get the hang of using them, you wonder how you ever lived without them!