Absolute Value Practice Tests
Two practice tests that assess your understanding of the core skills in the introduction to Absolute Value (i.e. evaluating expressions, solving inequalities, and simple graphing). Scanned solutions included.
Algebra Revision A quick refresher of Expanding & Factorising algebraic expressions.
Combining Functions Graphing functions that consist of different functions combined through the four basic operations.
Includes hand-drawn solutions. This worksheet incorporates some circle properties learnt in years 8-9, so some of the later questions are inappropriate for a year 7 level.
Co-ordinate Geometry Test Topic test.
Gradients of Perpendicular Lines (Proof) An alternative proof for demonstrating that perpendicular gradients are negative reciprocals of each other.
Graphing & Trigonometric Identities & Equations Test Combined topic test.
Perpendicular Distance Formula (Derivation) Deriving the formula for the distance between a point and a line, by means of the standard distance formula and some fancy algebraic footwork.
Probability Test Topic test.
Program Summary Year 10 JRAHS program
The Pythagorean Relationship Includes derivation of the trigonometric identity and practice exercises.
Quadratic Theory Revision Advanced year 9 level quadratic questions, to refresh the memory and prepare for the year 10 topic.
Sum & Product of Roots Derivation of Vi├Ęte's formulas for quadratic and cubic equations.
Trigonometry & Bearings Exercises for consolidation of trigonometry in the context of bearings. Diagrams essential!
Trigonometric Functions & the Unit Circle Investigation of the relationship between the sine, cosine and tangent ratios and the unit circle, by means of co-ordinate geometry techniques.
Trigonometry Review Short series of questions designed to review the core skills and formulae in Year 10 Trigonometry.

Handwritten solutions to exercises or tests set in class.
Radian Measure (Fitzpatrick, 2U Ex 17(b))

Graphing Trigonometric Functions
Introduces amplitude, period, domain and range in the context of the graphs for sin, cos and tan.
Intercepts on Circles: Challenging Questions Activity that consolidates understanding of the relationship between intercepts on chords, tangents and secants. Includes solutions.