Exponential Growth & Decay
These questions are selected from past HSC papers and worked solutions are provided.
Motion (JRAHS Questions)
Selected questions on the Motion topic from past JRAHS exams.
2-Unit Program Summary
Summary of the JRAHS Mathematics Program for the HSC 2-Unit course. For full details on each dot point, see the full program on the intranet.
Simpson's Rule
This worksheet illustrates the use of Simpson's Rule with examples of both the basic form (2 sub-intervals) and the expanded form (3+ sub-intervals). Also includes a comparison with integration as a method of calculating areas under curves. 

Marking Schemes
Each of the files below includes fully worked solutions for the relevant question, as well as a detailed marking scheme that describes where marks were allocated for each part.
2-Unit, 2008 Term 4, Q4

2-Unit, 2009 Term 1, Q1
2-Unit, 2009 Term 2, Q3
2-Unit, 2009 Trial, Q1

Handwritten solutions to exercises or tests set in class.
Rates of Change
(Past HSC Questions)

Rates of Change (Yr 12 Cambridge, 2U Ex 6F)