Composite Figures
Exercises on calculating the area and perimeter of composite figures.
Summary of Line Forms
In co-ordinate geometry, straight lines can be expressed in a variety of equation forms that are suited to different purposes and reveal different characteristics of the resultant graph.
Explained Solution AT
2009 Assessment Task
Graph Stories
Interpretation of the situation depicted by various two-dimensional graphs.
Inscribed Circles
Investigation of the areas of circles inscribed within different polygons. Informal introduction to the concept of a limit.
Quadrilateral Properties
Proofs of quadrilateral properties, based only on the minimal definition of each quadrilateral.
Rhombus Investigation
Proof that the diagonals in a rhombus are perpendicular.
Set Theory Quiz
Topic test.
Similarity Quiz
Topic test - includes sample solutions and marking guidelines.
Spheres: Volume & SA
Investigation based on the approximations and experiments of Archimedes.