Compiled Quizzes (by 9C 2010)

Co-ordinate Geometry Pre-Test
This test assesses students for their grasp of year 8 co-ordinate geometry. Worked solutions included.
Co-ordinate Geometry Proofs: Quad. Sufficiency Conditions
Incorporates understanding of four-sided Euclidean figures with methods in co-ordinate geometry (gradients, distances, etc).
Curve Sketching: Rational Functions
Steps for how to accurately draw the graphs of rational functions (for instance, y = (x+1) / ((x-2)*(x-4)) ).
Deriving the Index Laws
The rules that apply when handling indices (exponents) are often learnt by rote without understanding where they come from. It's straightforward to see that they all arise from the basic definition of exponentiation.
Number System History
An overview of how our understanding and representation of numbers has progressed over the centuries.
Oblique Asymptotes
Step-by-step guide of how to identify and locate the equations of asymptotes that are neither horizontal nor vertical.
Solving Cubic Equations
Guide on how to find the roots of a third-degree polynomial.
Introduction to Solving Polynomial Equations
Includes derivation of Remainder and Factor Theorem.
Polynomials Topic Test
Includes fully worked solutions.
Synthetic Division
Once you learn it, you'll never use long division to divide through polynomials again.
Solving Quadratic Equations
Overview of factorising, completing the square and quadratic formula to solve second-degree polynomials.
Intercepts on Parallel Lines
Derivation of the geometric theorem, "parallel lines preserve the ratios of intercepts on transversals".
Weekly Quiz Template
9C (2010) template.
Program Summary
Year 9 JRAHS program

Recorded from actual lessons delivered in my classroom, sometimes divided up into sections for convenience. These can also be browsed through on the Maths playlist at WooTube.

Polynomial Remainders Worked example of a question related to remainders generated by dividing polynomials of certain degree, where the remainders themselves also happen to be polynomial expressions.